LCD Fish Finder

Most Recommended Fish Finder

(50 customer reviews)
(50 customer reviews)

LCD Fish Finder

Most Recommended Fish Finder

"I am very impressed with the function of the Lucky Portable fishfinder for the money. It mounted on my Hobie Outback and reads well and shows fish very accurately."
Robert. F
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For Kayak Fishing

Connect the side scan adapter to your kayak/boat with the provided mounting tabs.
Place the sonar sensor of your portable fish finder against the hull bottom at approximately 1 inch underwater.
Try to keep the speed of your kayak at under 5MPH

Perfect For Ice Fishing

  1. The first step is to give yourself a working space by clearing the snow on the ice layer.

  2. Place your Lucky Best portable fish finder directly on the ice layer. this helps detect the fish positions and distribution.

  3. Once you know the position of the fish, then drill a hole on the ice.

  4. Make sure there is no air between the ice and the sensor as this can make your fishfinder not function properly.
Happy ice fishing!

Tactical Glove Designed Just For You

For Lake and Shore Fishing

Attach the removable float on the cable
Cast your fishing lucky sonar transducer into the water by hand or using your fishing rod.
Enjoy catching the big ones with the best fish finder!

Customer Reviews

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50 reviews for Portable Sonar LCD Deeper Fish Finder

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  1. stef

    Amazing value for the price! I would buy again!

    I use this for locating a decent spot to set anchor and fish. It has been very helpful!It has its limitations but it is great for the price. I wanted something cheap to see if I even wanted or needed a fish finder on my little inflatable. This is the first fish finder I have ever bought so this is all my observation and not a comparison to any other product out there. It does not give you the size of the fish, i have mine set for the least sensitive to hopefully keep it from babies setting it off, i cant say 100% that it works to keep the little fish from setting it off as i do not fish super clear water. I will say that every time it says i am in an area with fish i have been getting strikes and decent sized fish. Considering the thick plant growth and trees in the waters I typically fish I am very happy that this does not seem to get confused and say logs or plants are fish.This finder also seems to be pretty accurate about the depth and contours of the bottom. I have used it to find sandbars, rocky spots, and deep structures for the fish to shelter. This has been great for trying new lakes and learning more about them more quickly than I would without any electronics.If you read the directions this tells you not to use in a swimming pool or anything else with smooth sides and bottom that will interfere with and confuse sonar. If you want one that will not get confused by these things then I would imagine you could spend the 500 bucks or whatever the more expensive ones cost.The only thing I wish was better on this unit is the battery power. It goes thru batteries pretty quickly. I dont leave mine on the whole time I fish but I use it to find heavy fish areas. If you want to keep it on for more than 2 or 3 hours or so I’d suggest bringing extra batteries with you to keep this little unit from running dead.

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    This portable fish finder is the best!

    Some of the reviews said the battery life was short; I did not experience this. Only went through 2 sets of batteries on a 7 day fishing trip. Worked great! Showed the thermocline, fish, and accurate depths. This device even worked accurately through the bottom of the aluminum boat! All you needed was a bit of water to act as a couplant and you could use it at high speeds and not even float it in the water! Incredible device for the money!

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  3. Mr Terry.

    The Lucky Fish Finder really works !

    Did not really know what to expect from a tiny $90 sonar….received it on Sat. and took it out to the lake where I intend to ice fish this winter (Monday). Put in four AAA batteries, changed the scale to ft from meters and threw the transducer in about 4 ft of water… Lucky read 3’6″…then noted the transducer was hanging about 6″ below the float provided…so 4ft on the dot. !!! Then watched as three little fish swam under it- they showed up on the screen. I am amazed. It also was able to recognize the grass bottom from the stony bottom. Only thing it does not tell you is the fish size or species (no finder does)-LOL. Screen is nice and sharp- no need to run the backlight in the daytime. If it doesn’t eat batteries- this Lucky Fish Finder will be a great addition to my fishing tackle box !!!

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