Tactical Gloves

Indestructible Military Grade Gloves

(13 customer reviews)
(13 customer reviews)

Tactical Gloves

Indestructible Military Grade Gloves


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How Do We Stand Out?

Military Approved Gloves

Breathable Design

Dnerds Tactical gloves are carefully designed to keep your hand sweat-free thanks to the breathable design.
Pressure proof – You will never have to worry about injury wearing these outdoor Tactical gloves

Perfect For The Outdoors

Dnerds Tactical glove is the only outdoor military glove you will ever need. 
Say goodbye to knife cut, thorn, broken glass and so much more.
Designed by outdoor enthusiasts for Outdoor Enthusiasts

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Designed For Phone Screen

You no longer have to remove your gloves to use your phone. 

With the new touch screen fabric, your phone is in for a treat.

Tactical Glove Designed Just For You

Durable Stitches

Not just double stitches, but we paid attention to all the easy rip pressure points to ensure maximum durability. 
You are about to experience our extreme attention to details followed by 360 degrees double stitching


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13 reviews for Military Grade Tactical Gloves

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  1. Bruce

    Have not had these on the range yet, but I was able to use them several times this week while assisting with a couple of traffic accidents on my way home during storms. They provided adequate abrasion protection as well as knuckle protection even though they are not the hard plastic knuckles. The material appears to be a hardened type of nylon that is backed with some type of softer plastic material that does, to this point, provide enough protection that I was not worried about slamming my knuckle while assisting with patient extrication. For off duty use I will say these seem to work fine. Will update later if I run in to any issues. Sizing was accurate from the site, I have a 10.5 inch width on the palm from the knuckle at the index finger to the largest part of the hand on the outside edge. Gloves fit fine and are not constricting. I ordered the XL size

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  2. Salon Adelle

    Updated: The company contacted me and cleared up any confusion I had. Thank you!This was advertised as hard knuckle. These are NOT hard knuckle like I’m used to in combat. They do have an isolated knuckle with small holes in them. And it is made of a harder material other than leather. As far as the quality; I don’t know yet.

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  3. Military Grade Tactical Gloves

    I got this gloves to use as shooting gloves for my weekly practice range. The color of coyote tan is matching perfectly with my rifle case bag, and it fit perfectly on the pocket. I liked the idea of the extra added carbon fiber in knuckle protection which is very cool. I am very happy with this gloves, it fit great on me, very comfortable and it is not losing control while I am pulling trigger. The fingers are touch screen capable which is very convenience for me when I am using it. I have tried on wash and dry with this gloves and it still looks very good after it. But I prefer don’t use machine dry as it will run little bit smaller.

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