Tactical Gloves

Indestructible Military Grade Gloves

Tactical Gloves

Indestructible Military Grade Gloves

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How Do We Stand Out?

Military Approved Gloves

Breathable Design

Dnerds Tactical gloves are carefully designed to keep your hand sweat-free thanks to the breathable design.
Pressure proof – You will never have to worry about injury wearing these outdoor Tactical gloves

Perfect For The Outdoors

Dnerds Tactical glove is the only outdoor military glove you will ever need. 
Say goodbye to knife cut, thorn, broken glass and so much more.
Designed by outdoor enthusiasts for Outdoor Enthusiasts

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Designed For Phone Screen

You no longer have to remove your gloves to use your phone. 

With the new touch screen fabric, your phone is in for a treat.

Tactical Glove Designed Just For You

Durable Stitches

Not just double stitches, but we paid attention to all the easy rip pressure points to ensure maximum durability. 
You are about to experience our extreme attention to details followed by 360 degrees double stitching





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